Nissan Patrol ARB Locker


Nissan Patrol RD135 and RD136 ARB Lockers offer the ability to turn on and off at the push of a button. Compressed air is used to engage the locking mechanism. When turned on, both wheels are solidly locked to together, completely eliminating wheel spin. When unlocked, the differential operates exactly like a stock unit, allowing unencumbered operation on pavement. These are for Nissan Patrols and other vehicles with the H233B axle. Please check the vehicle application sheet for more information.

ARB Lockers require a compressed air source to operate. We recommend using either a standard ARB compressor or an ARB compact compressor.

Note: You will need to purchase a ARB 4cyl Bearing Kit (part #140049-1-KIT) for your installation.

Note: If you are unsure what axle you may have, use our Nissan Axle Identification sheet to properly identify your axle.

Applcation Data:

  • 1988-1998 Nissan Patrol Y60, 33-Spline, H233B Axle
  • 1988-1998 Nissan Patrol GQ, 33-Spline, H233B Axle
  • 1998-2013 Nissan Patrol Y61, 31-Spline, H233B Axle
  • 1998-2013 Nissan Patrol GQ, 31-Spline, H233B Axle
  • Other applications listed on the vehicle application sheet.

Available options:

  • Nissan Patrol RD135 ARB Locker, Y60/61, 33-Spline, 301033
  • Nissan Patrol RD136 ARB Locker, Y60/61, 31-Spline, 301034
  • ARB 4cyl Bearing Kit, 140049-1-KIT