Hub Cover, 4.25" Center Bore


These polished chrome-plated steel Hub Covers fit Creeper Locks™ Beadlock Wheel center bores and many popular OEM & aftermarket wheels.  The TG Hub Covers length is 3-3/8” tall for the 3-1/4”, 2-3/4” tall for the 4-1/4” center bore and 3-1/2” tall for the 5-1/8” center bore. Each hub cover has a center boss to install the provided 2” domed TG decal or your own custom decal.

The TG Hub Covers are available for the following center bores:

  • 3.25” (Jeep TJ & JK)**
  • 4.25" (Toyota, Jeep CJ & YJ)
  • 5.125" (8-lug)

The TG Hub Covers will also be provided with each Creeper Locks™ Beadlock Wheel that you purchase with the exception of our Nissan Beadlock Wheels

Each TG Hub Covers is sold individually.

**Hub Covers may not fit Creeper Locks™ JK wheels made prior to August 15, 2014.**


  • Closed in, polished chrome-plated steel
  • 3 different sizes: 3.25", 4.25", and 5.125" center bore sizes

Application Data:

  • 3.25” (Jeep TJ & JK)**
  • 4.25" (Toyota, Jeep CJ & YJ)
  • 5.125" (8-lug)